We are a collection of trainers - some with more traditional experience, others with less traditional experience - but all attempting to educate our clients about health and fitness. Our tools may vary - from boot camps to hula hoops, bench press to bosu ball, treadmill to cardio drumming - we all educate while we train. Our goal is to create a client who understands the why as well as the what of their exercise regimen. Our fitness center is a safe, clean, non-judgmental gym where men and women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to work with or without a personal trainer to reach their goals. 

We stand by our name. Never been in a gym before? Don't know a lat pull from a pec fly? Self-conscious about your weight? On a budget? Think you're too old to work out? Have a physical disability? There really are NO EXCUSES not to put yourself and your health first. Our staff can help you find a way to address your health and fitness goals.